I was born and raised in the upper Midwest. Having had enough of the endless winters I transplanted myself to the desert Southwest a few years ago. No regrets. I’ll take 110+ degrees over -20 anytime.

My love of photography started when a neighbor lent me an old, very battered Leica. Great camera. Even better camera to learn on. No light meters, no mirrors. Just a box with a lens. You learned to look and see by the speed of your film. I did mostly black and white and did my own processing in a shared darkroom. Good times. I eventually purchased a SLR (Nikon F-2) and assorted glass. Got into art school at the University near me and even started making money. But life moves on and often gets in the way and for many years I put photography aside for survival.

I was doing technical theater, lighting design, set design at the time and really wanted to record the results. Digital cameras were out and starting to replace film so I shopped around and picked up one. And haven’t stopped shooting since.

My love of the darkroom and has translated itself into photoshop and many images here will probably be very manipulated. with digital photography it is easy to take a great many photos not all of which are that great. But many of those can be turned into something pleasing with some time in photoshop.