Driftglass was always the special find. Blue glass was the pinnacle. I had bottles of the stuff. Some call it beach glass. It comes from broken bottles, usually. Weathered by wave and sand action it takes on a dull frosted look with just a hint of the true color. When wet the true color shines. … Continue reading

Love Interrupted

In the old part of town, between the river and the Railroad tracks the streets are unusually wide. When the trains still stopped and freight was unloaded it would be hauled away on wagons, drawn by horses. They needed the room to maneuver. The buildings along the streets are close together, sharing common walls. All … Continue reading


Gila Woodpeckers are an interesting bird.  They are found mostly in the Sonoran Desert region of Southern Arizona, California and New Mexico.  Also Northern Mexico. I first encountered one on my second day here.  I was quietly drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning and watching the news.  Suddenly there was this explosive, drawn … Continue reading